Saturday, May 9, 2009


I guees I havent been updating this very much so if anyone actually follows this anymore, I am very sorry.

I am in the mists of a moderately turbulent thunderstorm. I dont like thunder much. I have a bunch of photos up that im going to be using for my final portfolio. Most of them wont make much sense without knowing the requirements of each photo. Im kind of lazy and im not going to post them individually, instead im going to post a link to my photobucket link. Here you go

Some of them might not be used but enjoy. Oh and there are photos from years ago if you poke far enough into that album, in case that wasnt clear.

Also.. part of why i havent been updating this, is I have to start putting smaller images on this blog or it gets really slow.. and thats kind of a pain as well.. im very lazy when im not very busy..

Thing are going pretty well. Im not eating as healthily and im not being as economic because im always out and doing something for school and i just never have time to cook now days. Im sure most people know how that goes. Cooking for yourself is kind of lonely for me as well.. so i get tempted not to do it as much anymore.

Once again, im sorry i didnt update this in so long!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Im not sick any more, and my car is LEGAL and is finished getting work done. I dont have to avoid police anymore! i've been hard at work this month to finish assignments, I'll upload some of the latest by the end of the week (they're due friday morning) and then i'll be on spring break! Where might you ask am i going? Im going to the sunny town of.... turners falls. Nope im not going anywhere so feel free to come and visit. The snow just melted and the town is wonderful. I think i had a heavy dosing of S.A.D. the seasonal affective disorder that a lot of people get in winter. Im gettings lots more sun now and its very very nice. It rains instead of snows, i dont have to risk my life on a daily basis and i can walk outside in a t shirt! Spring is here! It was 60 outside today. Well thats all i have for now. Hope all is well for everyone else.