Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just an update

Hello to all that read this. Heres an update of whats going on in my life here in this Hick town in west Massachusetts. Things not well on the car front, I'm not going to go in depth about that today.
I have a Final Assignment for "Phase One" here at school. Its due a week from this Friday. Its actually quite a large assignment and I might not be updating this again until its over. But, there should be some nice images up after it is over.

There was recently a school wide field trip to New York City for the 2008 photo expo. It was quite a nice change of pace to just get to walk around in that much civilization. I had lunch out in the city and got to walk around. It felt just like being at home walking though downtown San Diego.. only.. much larger.

Other than that, I don't really have much to say other than to reiterate that I really am having a hard time adjusting to such a small town.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New England Adventure Part 2.

So, I took my car to the mechanic today and he is going to put it up on a lift and give me an estimate of how much it will cost to fix whats wrong with the engine. A little bit of further inspection will determine if it may need the engine to be taken out or not. Either way, it is a lot of work. So he is going to put it on the lift and see if it will be a couple hundred dollars or if it will be over a thousand. My opinion on the matter is that (once i get the title, hopefully this week) if it costs under $1500 total, then I will save for it, because if it was completely fixed I would be breaking even if i wanted to sell it.

Anyways. So the weekend be fore last weekend, I went through Maine and New Hampshire on an assignment that was for us to get pictures of New England life. So I went with some friends up the coast to take pictures of light houses. These were taken in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine.

Afterwards we went to the ben and jerrys factory, and then picked up my friends car (the one that i owe money still) and drove it back for her (manual transmission).

This weekend I went to Rochester, NY to visit a friend and take pictures.

Adventures in New England. Part 1.

Hello, its been a while since I posted on here. That is mainly due to my laptop once again ceasing to turn on. I got it fixed again yesterday. The weekend before last I actually went up to Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont on an adventure with some friends to take photos for an assignment. I took pictures of light houses. I don't have all that much time right now, I am meeting a mechanic to talk about my car. I will post the images of light houses and talk more in depth about it soon! 

Also I saw my friend Dan, from high tech high this last weekend, in Rochester. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Car Photos!

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Laptop Returned, New (Antique?) Car

So, I got my laptop back. For $280 they replaced the motherboard ($900 to replace individually) the CD drive (another $100) the keyboard and mouse pad (another $80sh) they upgraded my harddrive by 20gb (another $100) and they gave me one of the older Matte Screens (another $500-$900), which is what i wanted when i first bought the laptop. And the polished it. They don't even sell macbooks with matte screens anymore. They have more accurate colors. So that will be good for photography.

Anyways. I am pretty happy with my laptop, its like having an entirely new computer.

In other news, I went and bought a car. That was an ordeal in itself. I bought another Datsun/Nissan. It is a 1986 300zx Turbo. Doesn't have any rust on the body. The underside is fairly good as well. It is aesthetically in far better condition than my 280zx was. He lowered the price from $800 to $550 when I haggled with him. It has a broken bolt on one of the exhaust manifolds (which makes it sound like a lawn mower) and some of the electronics dont work. Not much work, suspension is in great condition, body, its all peachy. The money I saved should cover for the problems, because I was expecting $800... Or so I thought...

It is old enough in the state i bought it in, for it not to need a title. So i figure "oh okay.. well I'll just need to pay a bit more to the dmv" So, I get a bill of sale from the guy. There's no previous registration in the last handful of owners because it needs to be repaired. So, naturally theres no license plates. So, I think, "well i see people without plates driving all the time."

To make a long story short, Police-Towing-96miles and im lucky because they didnt give me a ticket or impound it. But, it cost a starving college student $515 in towing. So I am indebted to my now best friend out here about $650 (ATM crisis - can only pull out a certain amount of money per day), which im suppose to pay off by thanksgiving. I think I can do that.

However, That still doesnt mean I can register the car. Theres no Title and no Registration so Massachusetts is like, "well... where did you get the car?" So, I have to get some type of paperwork saying its from New Hampshire like i say it is. Apparently the best best way to do that for me is to get a notarized statement from the man I bought it from that says "i dont have the title because its old enough not to need one and I didnt get one when i bought it. It hasnt been registered because it cant pass inspection in its current condition." and then I need proof that he lives in New Hampshire, as well as a bill of sale. CA would have registered it by now, you cant even do lien sales out here unless you're a mechanic and have a auto shop that someone leaves a car on.

So, yeah I will get a picture of the car when I can. It also needs the clutch to be bled to shift normally, you have to match rpm currently. Which is challenging for me because it doesnt have a tachometer.. because its digital.. and it has electronics issues.. When i drove it I didnt grind any gears.. so its not too bad.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple and me

So, my laptop's repair order got canceled and the store didn't call me. I dont know why yet. I cant make it down until the weekend to pick it up, but im going to call before then to see why they didnt contact me yet.

On another note... its becoming fall out here.
theres some pictures I took recently at this link