Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello, I'm sorry its been so long since I've put stuff up here, its just been a little busy.
So, now I have a ton of images to show too.

First, here are some images from over winter break:

This was a couple that I saw at dog beach.

This is a guy named Eddie.

This is a semi-candid shot of Jessie and Dan. The kind where they obviously know you're taking a picture, but there aren't any instructions on what to do.. I guess that's actually how most people take pictures huh.. its hard to think about that after doing things 'the hallmark way'

This is Ocean Beach as a really random fog rolled in. San Diego was trying so hard to have a winter..

This is Jessie being... Herself.. aka weird.

These are my dad, my uncle and his girlfriend, in that order.

This is a back-lit picture of Dan. His face is a little too dark for my liking, but its still kind of neat.

This is a Posed shot of Jessie. It is window lit, it was shot in semi-low light during the fog. I think it would have been better if her hair was only in front on one side, but I think it is more realistic to her personality.

So far, all but one of the pictures from above were shot with the Olympus E-3. The Olympus E-3 is about $1000-2500 depending on where you get it and what type of lens you get with it. I enjoyed using the camera so much, that I want that camera over the canon 5d mark2 as well as any Nikon out there at the moment (but i would still take a canon 1ds mark3 over it). The only thing that I didn't like about it was the noise levels in low light situations. That was something canon and nikon still have domain over.

The one other picture above, that was not taken with the Olympus, was taken with the Mamiya AFD645ii with the Leaf Aptus 22 digital-back. Together the accumulated pricing is about $15,000-20,000 depending on where, and if used or not.

If you can tell me which one was taken with the more expensive camera you get a hug.

Thats not to say that the expensive camera is only as good as every other camera, it just has its place, and candid or quick pictures are not its place. Nor is any type of lighting that is not in a studio. Its a great camera for studio quality images, but its terrible for any and everything else.

That said, here are some expensive studio pictures.

Well, thats all for now, theres still some more images online on my photobucket if that wasnt enough for you.

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