Wednesday, February 11, 2009


128 days until this program is over. My car has been piling up issues, I can only hope to fix the more vital ones.

First on my list to fix is to get new brake pads.
Second is to fix all the things to pass safety inspection;
The ball-joints (possibly just the bushings) and the emergency break.
I plan ignoring all the other issues for as long as i can. The other issues are that my check engine light came on and theres a slight knock that just started. It also sounds like theres a hole in my exhaust which is a recent sound and my transmission just started making sound this month when the clutch is engaged. I plan on just turning the volume up on the radio until I can address it.

Other than that, my assignments are going alright. Its harder to get up in the morning because im not all that happy to be here anymore, which is interesting because im getting the best pictures I've taken since I've been here. I don't have all to many people that I talk to here at Hallmark, but I have a bunch of friends at Smith, 30 mins down the road. I kind of makes me think that its not me just being not being as social. There is something about the people who go to hallmark. They dont really seem to like to talk to people all that much, or have fun that doesnt involve drinking.

The only classes that they're offering now are digital and business classes. They've finnished all the photo classes. Its hard to just sit through them for me with my background. A lot of it is stuff that I learned over half a decade ago and have used it every day since. They kicked about 15 people out this month for bad grades, there were only 200 to begin with. Anyone that doesnt pass this next final thats due in a week wont be staying for the rest of the 128 days.. And by pass, I mean 75% or better.

Well thats whats up in my life.

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Jewel Anderson said...

Hey Jason, I'm sorry you haven't been having the best of times.