Thursday, February 12, 2009

Car stuff

Looks like I might be able to get away with fixing everything!

So, list of things that were actually wrong with it:

There was a fan blade missing on my engine fan causing the engine to run rough.
Just about everything in the front ball-joint assembly needs to be replaced.
One or more calipers for the rear brakes are stuck closed.
Back brake pads need to be replaced, front ones can wait a while.
Emergency brake.
Theres a disc that connects the transmission to the drive shaft that has been loose and wears down on stuff, makes vibrations at higher speeds.
Tires are getting worn because of the bad alignment.

Without tires, im looking at about $1800 and the car will run exponentially better in all areas. with tires, probably about $2000. I'm feeling a little bit scammed by paying $3000 to get the car right about now when the blue book is $3200. Especially when the main reason that I was getting this particular one was because of all the paperwork from two months prior that said all the suspension was all in tip top shape. Legally I should have taken action with the lemon law for this state, but the guy i bought it off of was in a worse situation that i was, so even if i did try and get my money back, it'd take months and i might not end up with anything. Im happy with the car, i was happy before i had to pay all of this. Eh, thats life i guess. I can always sell it for bluebook value now.

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