Sunday, March 8, 2009


Im not sick any more, and my car is LEGAL and is finished getting work done. I dont have to avoid police anymore! i've been hard at work this month to finish assignments, I'll upload some of the latest by the end of the week (they're due friday morning) and then i'll be on spring break! Where might you ask am i going? Im going to the sunny town of.... turners falls. Nope im not going anywhere so feel free to come and visit. The snow just melted and the town is wonderful. I think i had a heavy dosing of S.A.D. the seasonal affective disorder that a lot of people get in winter. Im gettings lots more sun now and its very very nice. It rains instead of snows, i dont have to risk my life on a daily basis and i can walk outside in a t shirt! Spring is here! It was 60 outside today. Well thats all i have for now. Hope all is well for everyone else.

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Jewel Anderson said...

Yayyy! Yeah I definitely don't feel as happy without some natural doses of Vit D. I hope it stays warm.