Monday, September 22, 2008

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

So I haven't been adding new posts because my laptop is being repaired. I had a really awful couple of days last week. I spent $10 on laundry only to find out it was all still wet (mind you i only have enough clothes for one load). After getting home, I found that my laptop stopped working. Then my alarm was unplugged and I didnt wake up until 7:50 (which is enough time to get there.. IF i had a ride.) My roommates left me there and didnt even check that I was awake or not, because they thought I left earlier. SOOO. The part on my laptop that went out was the logic board, it costs like $900 HOWEVER!! they are only charging me $280 to fix everything wrong with it entirely (which is a lot more than $900)

Good things come in interesting packages i suppose, I will have a refurbished laptop and all my data is safe and secure. No images for now. Sorry... :(

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