Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Assignment(s) and Internet

So, I just got home from our first assignments. We spent a day in "Historical Deerfield" taking specific pictures that are suppose to show how well we can use lighting. It was a good amount of people's first time with a SLR camera. I'm interested in seeing how well other people's photos came out. I know mine are going to come out well, and not because I'm cocky or arrogant, (which I am for the time being) but instead because of everything I went through to get them to be good photos. I waded through a river with about 20 pounds of gear that can't get wet. I walked across algae covered, fallen trees which made bridges for me, and I think compositionally I did well also. I can't wait to see the prints, unfortunately I won't able to post them for some time after that, when I get them scanned. So, my first two rolls of 120mm film is happily developing right now. I am still covered in mud and I'm a little damp still and I'm really really sore. School tomorrow at 8!! "personal development class" I get to have existing work critiqued. Hopefully I can get some prints tonight though, otherwise I can only get 1 piece critiqued and I have to let people touch my laptop in substitution for a print.

On the upside (even I kind of ended that with a up), I now have internet at MY HOUSE. Thankfully.. Finally.. I no longer have to go around town connection hopping to check email.
OKAY, I'll leave this post here for today, but I figured I'd add an image for fun. This was something we took last night using a timer on the camera taking the picture, a long exposure after the timer, and after we set the timer on the cameras on the ground after we knew the camera taking the picture was counting down. If that didn't make sense.. I don't really know a better way to explain it, because it was about that complicated/silly.

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