Saturday, November 1, 2008

Interesting shoots in pitch black.

To start off, here is a picture of me drinking diet coke.

But that was in a well lit room. The title of this post is about the shots I took with the inability to see what was going to come out. (that made focusing fun).

One of them is for a "self portrait" portion of out "final assignment" but I will have to reshoot it.. its out of focus.
This shot was taken in the black of night, on a bridge, in a forest, deep in the middle of.. well, I have no idea really... here it is:

The other is for... breaking-up repeating lines and its part of the same final assignment. Now before you scroll down, the model is fully clothed in tights and a tight t-shirt. Posing was interesting because it was me saying "act like you're doing tai chi" and I couldn't say "no more like this," because well.. I couldn't see anything.. it was pitch black and she was behind a curtain. Bra and Jeans were brought for props. It was inspired by Lois Greenfield. Here it is:

and last off is a picture I took for another assignment, which was suppose to be a profile shot lit exactly how this one is, but I decided that was boring and so I raided the prop room in search of this mirror.

I hope that I will still have enough time to keep posting, This is really only a fraction of the images that I've been taking. I would like to post some of the film stuff we've been doing, but they haven't let us use the film scanners yet.

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